Saturday, 18 June 2016

Sheena Slouchy Hobo Bag

A customer has ordered a bag from me, and while I'm very familiar with the pattern designer Swoon ( and ADORE the way they are written, I haven't made this particular pattern just yet. (Absolutely no idea why I've not made Sheena yet - it's a FAB!! pattern!). So, I decided to do a 'quick' practice bag - just in case I mess up royally! lol! Well, you never know really.
And I think it came out quite well. It's made from black polycotton drill, and an upholstery fabric with orange cat faces. Both side are mirrored and it has an adjustable strap do can be carried cross body, or shortened to whatever length you want. I used orange top stitching, which is a bit brighter than in the pics. ;) The inside is a cream cotton with a large divided slip pocket, and a zip pocket too. It's been interfaced with fusible fleece to give it some body, so is still a little slouchy, but not totally limp.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

How to turn a bag though the zip pocket

Picture it ..... You're in the zone - the sewing zone. You're nearing the end of making your beautiful handbag. But wait! You first need to turn the bag the right way out. Normally, we'd leave a gap in the lining for just this purpose - either on the side or at the bottom. But how often has that gap been too small? You push, and pull, and pray that the stitches don't burst open! ..... And don't even talk about vinyl! Urgh! The hassle. STOP. There is always and easier way. With the addition of a zip to the lining, it is so much easier!! Watch this short vid to see how your life can be made sooo much easier. No more hand sewing lining, and a stronger, neater finish to your bag!

The pattern used in the video is the Retreat Bag by Emmaline Bags, and the fabric is 'Engine Room' - bought in South Africa.

I hope this has helped you to make better bags! Enjoy!